All Boss LIGHT TOWERS are in this Category including; Ultimate Stadium Towers, Oilfield Towers, Offshore Towers, Explosion Proof and Hazardous rated Towers, Pipeline Towers, Gen-set Tower Combo’s, 30 foot and 40 foot Towers, 50 foot mini ultimate stadium  Towers, skid mounted towers, truck mounted  Towers and Athletic Sporting and Special Event Towers.  Light Towers are used for a multitude of construction and field maintenance projects.  Basic towers consist of four to sixteen LED or Metal Halide floodlights, ’20’ to 100′ telescoping towers. These Towers are  powered by a 6kw to 36kw single phase portable gen-set mounted on a towable trailer of a skid type base.  Applications for Light Towers are being expanded as the need for expedited project completion dates are pushed to be finished on-time and on budget.  Portable Towers have revolutionized the construction time tables for finishing projects as forecast, on time.  LIGHT TOWERS are now a big part of sporting and special events.  With the introduction of Ultimate Stadium Towers better lighting performances are attracting attention of athletic and special event promoters, athletic directors and high school coaches.