40 foot portable light towers are produced for applications that require added height of tower for visual clearance to work in larger site areas or to reach working level heights when used on construction projects.  40 foot portable light towers will illuminate 25% more area than the standard 30 foot portable light towers.  When used with upgrade 1500w portable metal halide floodlights the 40 foot portable light towers will project 50% more illuminate over a 25% larger area compared to that of 30 foot portable light towers.  40 foot light towers are available on several Bossltg Light Tower Products.  They can be used with portable LED floodlights and/or High Pressure Sodium floodlights.  Metal Halide is the most common light source used on construction sites.  Metal Halide produces Day-Light appearance and is used in the construction portable lighting industry because of its strong candlepower ability to project floodlight over farther distances.  The only physical difference between a 40′ light tower compared to a 30′ light tower is the number of telescoping members.

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