PORTABLE LIGHT TOWER RECOMMENDATION PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION has only one favorite product and that is the 50′ mini-stadium light tower.  This 50′ light tower with 8 x 1500w metal halide floodlights can project light in two directions up to 800′.  This means a single run of pipe line can be illuminate 1600′ with one single mini-stadium tower.  The tower comes standard for pipeline work with a MQ POWER 20kw single phase portable diesel generator set.  The lighting load is only 12,000 watts. this leaves 8,000 watts of electrical power to operate heaters, electric tooling and possible testing instruments.  The eight 1500 watt floodlights will have two styles of floodlight projections.  Four fixtures will have Nema 2 – 40* beam patterns that can target pipeline work 800′ from tower.  There are four Nema 3 – 60* beam patterns that will illuminate pipeline up to 200′ up and down the pipeline for the closer in areas of work.  This combo package of a portable generator set and light tower is mounted on a small trailer package that is easy to position and takes up a space 15′ long x 6′ wide.  The MQ Power generator comes equipped with analog engine and electrical vital displays with 120v gfci outlets, 30amp 125v twist lock and two 50amp, 125/250v California style outlets.  Bossltg is a UL Certified Electrical Power Distribution Assembler.  We can add addition power outlets to meet application requirements that connect to the gen-sets full power lug panel,120/240v, 1ph power.  3ph gen-set power is available upon request.  For more information on this style of product email: info@bossltg.com.  Ask for PORTABLE LIGHT TOWER RECOMMENDATION PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION specialist.

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