30 FOOT 6 LIGHT METAL HALIDE PORTABLE LIGHT TOWER: 6 X 1000w MH Light Tower, 8kw Diesel Gen-set with RV Receptacle (Copy)

Bossltg Model# BT6-6 x 1000w MH -30'


30 FOOT 4 LIGHT METAL HALIDE PORTABLE LIGHT TOWER with 6kw Diesel Engine Driven Gen-set Package powering 4 x 1000w MH floodlights. Lighting system will illuminate 5 to 7 acres.  Tower is capable of rotating 360*.   Manual winch tower with galvanized steel winch cables.  This unit must be used for axillary power.  1600 watts of electrical power.  2-20amp 120v,  1 – 30amp 125v/250v Receptacle. Operates for 60hrs.

Bossltg is a Light Tower Modifier of OEM Brand Light Towers.



30 FOOT 6 LIGHT METAL HALIDE PORTABLE LIGHT TOWER: 6 X 1000w Metal Halide Floodlights – 30′ telescoping 360 rotating tower, 6KW Diesel Engine Generator.   2-20amp 120v duplex, 1 – 30amp 125V RV type Trailer Receptacles, 6 x 1000w MH Floodlights capable of illuminating 10 acres.  Floodlight projection 300′. The Bossltg 30 FOOT 6 LIGHT METAL HALIDE PORTABLE LIGHT TOWER is the construction industries most popular model.

Water-Cooled Diesel with Engine safety shutdowns. 6kw,120/240v,1ph, 60hz, 1800rpm Generator, 60 hour run time. Control Panel with individual Light Switches, 2000lb rated axle, 13 in. tires with white spoke rims and power coated Fenders. DOT towing package.
Powder Coat Corrosion-Resistant

30 FOOT 6 LIGHT METAL HALIDE PORTABLE LIGHT TOWER is the most popular used light tower in the construction industry.  It has become the RENTAL equipment industry standard.  Over the years the rental industry has seen this style light tower design change to a more compact vertical tower design.  This move was mainly to keep up with over-seas importers needing a reduced size light tower to ship more units in 40′ container to America.  In doing so the low lower cost of towers pushed most of the rental companies to change to the smaller compact vertical tower units.  What is the better design product ?  Only the industry can tell us that by the number of units being used on job-sites across America.  Boss will always provide standard pivot to vertical light tower products.  The quality of materials, electrical components, and electrical workmanship of products built in America will always be the best investment for Americans.

Dimensions: 12.5ft.Long x  5.0ft.Wide x  6.6ft.Tall  Weight: 1875lbs.  6 units per truck load.