OILFIELD LIGHT TOWER RECOMMENDATIONS include the Boss Utility full service 50′ light tower, 20kw generator set, 300 gallon fresh water tank with a 175 gallon axillary diesel fuel on-site storage tank all mounted on a 16′ x 20,ooo lb. rated utility trailer.  This single unit positioned next to guard shack allows on site supervisors to have full access to utility requirements.  The 50′ light tower with 8 – 1000w metal halide floodlights will illuminate 15-20 acres.  This tower is 20′ taller than commercial 30′ towers which will allow for the reduction of shadowing across drill site.  The generators set will have 12,000 watts of axillary electrical power to service the guard shack trailer and heaters used for the portable cans.  A 300 gallon Fresh water tank with electric pump with an 175 gallon axillary diesel fuel supply on-board utility trailer.  The next best product that Boss has to offer is large portable diesel generator sets with 50′ light towers.  These serve a double purpose;  a large amount of 3ph or 1ph electrical power on-site with again a 50′ light tower that will take the place of at least 3-4 commercial 30′ light towers.  This one 50′ light tower will increase the brightness throughout the drill site thus improving security and work task performance. Boss offers standard 40′  light towers.  For everyday oilfield requirements Boss would recommend a 7,000 watt diesel single phase generator with four 1500w Metal Halide floodlights. This is a unique lighting package that will illuminate 10 acres project floodlight over 25% more area with 2000 watts more light. These would be the OILFIELD LIGHT TOWER RECOMMENDATIONS make by Bossltg.


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