STRIP MINING PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT-TOWERS would call for the Boss 60′ or  80′ ultimate portable stadium light towers.  The 80′ towers, being the most popular, are capable of illuminating 80+ acres and projecting light over 2000′.  Safety is a big concern for everyone on strip mining apps.  The Boss telescoping tower safety features include auto stop at full extended 80′ height.  Auto boom lock prevents the tower from lowering if cable or winch system is compromises.  Probably the most valued feature is the high wind speed monitor that will detect pre-set wind speeds and automatically lower to nesting position. While the tower is in operation a red beacon light will flash to alert site operators that tower is in motion.  For operators and winch protection all Boss Ultimate Stadium Towers have Auto lower nesting position stops to prevent cable from back lashing over winch drum. Boss towers come with day-timers that when set can start generator sets and turn of floodlights at dusk and off at dawn.  The gen-set has a frequency time delayed relay that will shut down electrical system when relay monitor senses a drop in engine speed prior to running out of fuel.  This one safety feature saves clients form damaging lamps and/or electrical ballast components.

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