MEGA CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS LIGHT TOWER RECOMMENDATIONS call for the Boss 80′ and 100′ sixteen light portable ultimate stadium light towers.  80′ ultimate towers are by far the most popular stadium light towers used on Mega projects.  This single light tower can produce 80+ acres of Illumination and project light 2000′.  Takes the place of 15 commercial 30′ towers. Proven to save huge on fuel, labor to turn on/off 15 light towers each day, and on servicing and fueling 15 gen-sets every week.  Boss would also recommend the 50′ Mini-ultimate stadium light towers.  These units come with eight floodlights.  Four of which are 1500w high powered spot/floodlights that will project light at 50′ over 1500′.  The Mini-ultimate will take the place of 3 to 4 commercial 30 foot light towers.  This type of product can be equipped with dark sky pollution control along with anti-glare lens refractors.  Reduces the hot – spot on fixtures so not to blind operators.  This is Bossltg’s response to Balloon Lights, except with the Boss product you will get 1500′ of 360* projection.  On most Mega projects site-operators are known to use the generators on commercial 30′ light towers for axillary power to operate their tools during the day time.  This has been the main cause whey 30′ commercial towers are always breaking down and needing constant servicing.  Boss offers what is called our Gen-set Light Tower Combo’s for these specific task requirements.  Boss can supply portable diesel generators with 50′ towers that perform as a power light tower on night shifts and as a portable generator during the day.  With larger gen-sets on light towers the varying loads are not as damaging to the floodlighting components as they are on minimum sized 30′ commercial light tower generator sets.  Boss offers a variety of MEGA CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS LIGHT TOWER RECOMMENDATIONS.

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