Bossltg 30 foot portable light towers are the most common commercial light tower used throughout the USA and Canada.  The introduction of Boss 30 foot portable light towers launched the wave of diversified light towers being used to service construction, industrial turnarounds and sporting and special events throughout the USA and Canada.   Portable 40 foot light towers, Portable 50 foot light towers, 60 foot light towers, 80 foot light towers, and 100 foot light towers are now being offered by Bossltg to supply the growing demand for portable lighting special applications.  From the original 30 foot portable light towers that were produced by Bossltg made possible the innovations to create specific light towers for special applications. Boss was the first to produce a portable offshore light tower, a portable explosion proof light tower, a portable hazardous rated light tower, a portable truck  mounted light tower.  Bossltg is the only portable light tower producer that is UL Certified as an Explosion proof lighting and electrical assembler.  Boss was the first only modern day light tower producer to have Light Towers UL Certified.

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