HOMELAND SECURITY DISASTER RELIEF LIGHT TOWER PRODUCTS will be made available for emergency response to all Homeland Security Districts throughout the USA. Our Boss ultimate portable stadium light towers will be made available for emergency disaster relief and most importantly for area security for first responders.  Boss has portable diesel generators with light tower packages that will supply both operational power with the lighting capability of large area floodlighting for those that need power and light to perform stabilizing tasks.  Bossltg offers a multitude of portable LED portable lighting, power cords, GFCI products and temporary power distribution products for aftermath search and rescue remote wilderness stations.  Bossltg is a UL Certified portable lighting and Electrical power distribution assembler.  We are Qualified to deliver the safest electrical products with the professional validations from Underwriter’s Lab.  Bossltg is more than just a producer of electrical products.  We are an assembler of electrical on-site utility systems that allow portable remote emergency facilities to have both electrical power and light.  We take the responsibility to delivery UL approved validated services anywhere where we can be part of our USA homeland security efforts.

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