The 50 foot ultimate portable stadium skid mounted LED light tower is exclusively produced by Bossltg, Inc. of Baton Rouge, La. 70817.  This style of light tower product was designed to deliver massive amounts of floodlighting over construction sites and sporting event playing fields.  The 50 foot ultimate skid mounted LED light tower is used in applications where the foot print of the light tower needs to be minimized.  This 50 foot light tower product can be positioned within a 8′ x 8′ area.  Once the floodlights are telescoped to 50 feet above grade the 16 LED floodlights will illuminate an area equal to 15 acres.  This portable stadium skid mounted LED light tower has the option of using 1000w metal halide floodlights and at 50′ above grade will illuminate 45 acres.  Metal halide special floodlights will project light up to 800 feet at 50′ mounting height.  LED only 200′, tested.  Client has option to use HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM.  This style of light has the ability to penetrate ice fog.  Designed to be used around waterways, docks, and shipyards.

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