Bossltg Model# BSK16LED-50’E

Our Bossltg LED 50′ Skid Mounted Stadium style light tower product was designed to operate within tight working areas, INSIDE BATTERY UNITS.  8’X8′ skid base foot print.  Features ELECTRIC PUSHBUTTON control pivoting and telescoping tower functions. Has onboard day time that will tern lights on at dusk and off at dawn.  Comes equipped with 16 x 500w LED floodlights.  Will take the place of 3 standard FOUR – light 30′ Rental light Tower Products. Can Illuminate 15+ acres and project a beam of light 200 ft with a 180* beam spread, 150′ with a 360* beam pattern.   This Bossltg LED 50′ Skid Mounted Stadium Light Tower has exclusive Safety features included to protect operator and tower components.  The only 50′ LED Skid Mounted Electric Winch Operated Stadium Light Tower produced in the USA for floodlighting applications.  Perfect for working inside battery areas of industrial plants.



Bossltg 50‘ LED Stadium style SKID MOUNTED light tower package:  Telescoping LED 50′ Tower operates by a pushbutton controller that will pivot then telescope tower system to an operating height of 50′.  Special tower safety features include automatic tower stop when reaching 50′ max height.  Tower will automatically lock in place preventing tower from lowering if cables or tower winch is compromised.  A Bossltg exclusive safety feature is a RED BEACON LIGHT that flashes to alert site personnel that there is a Bossltg LED HIGH MAST TOWER in motion. This Bossltg LED 50′ skid mounted stadium light tower has 16 x 500w LED Floodlights at 50′ above grade will take the place of 3 – Standard FOUR – light 30′ Rental light Tower Products; Will Illuminate 15+ acres and project a beam of light 200 ft at a 180* or 360* beam spread pattern. Powered by ON-SITE utility power that comes wired to a Day Timer allowing operator to set lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Huge cost savings on long term rental projects.

Project cost Savings:   Using Bossltg Utility Powered Stadium Towers will save on over-all site fuel costs. Huge labor hours saved to start/stop towers, daily. Plus the labor costs to fuel and service multiple diesel powered light towers each week/month.

Exclusive Features only on Bossltg LED Stadium Light Towers:

High-Intensity, Telescoping Light Tower With Safety Features – Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Auto Start Stop Day Timers:   This operating feature allows site management to set the time they would like the tower lights to come on at night and when to turn them off in the morning hours.

High Wind Speed Tower Monitoring:  All Bossltg LED 50′ Stadium skid mounted Light Towers come with High Wind Speed Detection that automatically lowers the tower when winds exceed pre-set limits.  Bossltg LED 50′ towers are set at 45mph.  This is an added safety consideration to ensure tower stability for any high wind concern.

Safety Tower Features:  Bossltg LED 50′ tower will automatically stop when reaching 50′ extend height.  At this point a steel pin ram will lock the telescoping members preventing them from lowering if the cables or winches are compromised.  Automatic tower stop at lowered nesting position.  This prevents any backlashing of cables on winch drums.

Red Beacon Light:  Flashes when the telescoping tower is in motion.  The safety feature alerts crane operators, area safety superintendents, and general work site personnel that a Bossltg 50′ high mast tower is in motion.

Floodlighting System:  This Bossltg LED 50′ stadium light tower is equipped with 16 x 500w LED floodlights.    Depending on the positioning of floodlights on tower these sixteen BOSSLTG lights has the potential to illuminate over 15+ acres of work site area.

Floodlight Control Panel:  All 16 floodlights are controlled by a single ON/OFF fused disconnect switch.  Each floodlight is individually fused protected with a GREEN indicating light to identify floodlights in use. This LED driver to fixture identification system helps field service techs to quickly determine lighting faults.  Also allows field service techs to communicate on phone with Bossltg Trouble shooting professionals to quickly determine fault cause.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS:  All Bossltg Stadium Style light towers are available for rental with 90 day advance notice.