PORTABLE SKID MOUNTED LIGHT TOWERS TRUCK MOUNTED and skid mounted designs to attach to flatbed, utility trailer, and to long bed pick up trucks.  These types of light towers are available with 30 to 40′ electric telescoping towers that can be completely operated remotely from within cabs of trucks.  Remote operations include: Start stop of engine, pivot and telescoping of floodlighting and turning on and off of Floodlights.  Bossltg uses exclusively a spring supportive floodlight design to protect lights from being damage due to off road abusive travel conditions.  Floodlights are available with LED or Metal halide floodlights.  Metal halide floodlights are recommended when a large amount of floodlighting is required that can project light 300′ away from truck.  LED is recommended for small task area lighting.  The portable generators sets are available up to 7000 watts.  These gen-sets allows for enough power to operate the floodlights and for 2600 watts of axillary electrical power.  Generator sets are diesel and come with 30 gallon fuel tanks capable of operating for 60 hours.  Bossltg is a UL certified portable lighting and electrical distribution assembler.  Boss has the professional validations to design and build a portable skid mounted light tower to meet your vehicle mounting requirements.  Special Metal Halide fixtures can be supplied with a powerful spot flood beam pattern for Border patrol, search and rescue and for off road emergency responders, State Police, US Marshals, FBI, Sheriff and Local police and fire departments. PORTABLE SKID MOUNTED LIGHT TOWERS TRUCK MOUNTED units are available painted to clients  color requirement.

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