PORTABLE UTILITY FULL SERVICE JOB-SITE LED LIGHT TOWER is used on construction sites where a combination of electrical power, security floodlighting, fresh water supply and axillary on site fuel supply is critical.  This Boss product was originally designed for the Oilfield industry.  The guard shacks used this type of service trailer as a pivoting point for general services needed 24 hours a day.  Today Boss offers portable generators sets from 10kw to 250kw for these products.  Most common would be a 20kw single phase.  This size supplies enough electrical power for the guard shack and heaters for the porta cans on site.  The light tower is a 50′ tower with eight 1000 watt metal halide floodlights.  At 50′ this tower will illuminate the entire drill site as security lighting.  A 300 gallon fresh water tanks with electric pump with a 175 gallon fuel storage cell with fuel release valve.  Total package is assembled on a 16′ utility style double axle trailer rated with dual 10,000 lb axles to allow trailer to be pulled totally full of liquids. Bossltg is a UL Certified Electrical portable lighting and electrical distribution assembler.  This product was originally designed by an oilfield contractor back in 2004.  Since then over 2,000 of these towers have been sold within the state of Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana.


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