PORTABLE ULTIMATE STADIUM LED-MH LIGHT TOWERS SIXTEEN FLOODLIGHTS available in 50′, 60′, 65′ 80′ and 100′ electric or hydraulic telescoping towers.  Clients have choices between Sixteen 1000w or 1500w Metal Halide Floodlights or sixteen 500w or 1000w LED floodlights. Boss Ultimate stadium light towers telescoping tower safety features come standard with automatic stop at full height, auto boom lock out, RED BEACON light flashes when tower is in motion to alert crane operators on site, and automatic stop at lowered nested height to prevent cable back-lashing on winch drum.  Each ultimate stadium light tower will have a high wind speed monitor that will lower tower automatically when wind speeds exceed 45mph.  Industry Exclusive on the Bossltg hydraulic towers is remote control operation from 300′.  This feature allows operator to control tower from within site vehicle or office trailer. Operator can remotely turn on gen-set to pressurized hydraulic fuel lines. Then operator can remotely stabilize and level tower with the four corner independent hydraulic LGP positioning plates, operator can pivot and telescope tower, operator can turn on and on floodlights, remotely.   Each Boss ultimate stadium tower can be equipped with a day timer that will automatically turn gen-set and lights on and off at pre-set times. For complete specification on any Boss Ultimate Stadium Light Tower email: info@bossltg.com