PORTABLE DIESEL GENERATOR SETS LED LIGHT TOWER COMBO packages using MQ POWER diesel portable generators sets with our Bossltg 30′-50′ light tower LED or Metal halide floodlighting options.  These gen-set light tower combo packages were first introduced to the oilfield industry in 2004. They then soon found their way to a multitude of useful applications ranging from supplying power to office trailer complexes on construction sites to furnishing disaster relief first responders emergency electrical power and lighting all in one package.  MQ POWER is used exclusively by Bossltg.  MQ Power supplies a contractor model portable generator set  that offers  analog engine and electric vital displays,  a multiple of utility outlets with a full power lug panel to power temporary electrical distribution equipment used for remote areas that gen-sets cannot get to.  Boss attaches a 30′ 40′ or 50′ light tower package to the generator trailer and offers both LED and Metal Halide options.  Due to the larger size of generator sets Boss can supply up to eight floodlights.  Standard is a 50′ light tower capable of illuminating over 20+ acres of security or work task lighting.

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