PORTABLE SPORTING-SPECIAL EVENT LIGHT TOWERS are use for Temporary Sports Floodlighting for youth, high school, college, private clubs and league organizations. Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, etc. Boss offers an array of products that will provide for practice field or real game time lighting requirements.  There are State requirements for foot candle lighting levels, brightness on field of play for all levels of youth and professional sporting events.  Bossltg assures our clients that the portable light towers we supply will meet and or exceed the State footcandle lighting requirements.  There are all types of applications for portable light towers that can be used for special events.  Boss has all theses heights of towers, 30′ 40′ 50′ 60′ 80′ and 100′ light towers with up to sixteen floodlights to illuminate the smallest of special events to major events like outdoor music concerts, state fairs, local arts and crafts, to national racing events.  Boss delivers light tower products with full service set up and 24 hour monitoring on-site televised race car, motor-cross, desert racing, and more.  Bossltg is a UL certified portable lighting and temporary electrical distribution assembler.  We have the professional qualifications to support your events with $5M general liability insurance coverage.

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