Bossltg Model# BSTMQ4516MH-100’E

Our Bossltg 100 FOOT SPORTS ULTIMATE PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16X1500W was professional designed for SPORTS LIGHTING EVENTS to include COLLEGE and PROFESSIONAL  (REAL GAME PLAY).   Features ELECTRIC PUSH-BUTTON control pivoting and telescoping tower functions.  Comes equipped with 16 x 1500w METAL HALIDE floodlights.  Can Illuminate 100+ acres and project a beam of light 2000 ft with a 180* beam spread pattern.  This Bossltg Stadium 100′ Light Tower has exclusive Safety features included to protect spectators and tower operators.  The only 100′ SPORTS Stadium Light Tower produced in the USA for COLLEGE AND PROFESSION real game day play.  US patent pending filed

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High-Intensity, Telescoping Light Tower With Safety Features – Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Bossltg 100 FOOT SPORTS ULTIMATE PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16X1500W:  Metal Halide Floodlights on Telescoping Tower operated by a pushbutton controller that will pivot then telescope tower system to an operating height of 100′.  Special tower safety features include automatic tower stop when reaching 100′ max height.  Tower will automatically lock in place preventing tower from lowering if cables or tower winch is compromised.  A Bossltg exclusive safety feature is a RED BEACON LIGHT that flashes to alert coaches, assistants and offices that there is a Bossltg tower in motion. This model Bossltg 100’stadium light tower has 16 x 1500w Metal Halide Floodlights at 100′ above grade will Illuminate 100+ acres and project a beam of light 2000 ft at a 180* beam spread pattern. Operates continuously for 24 hours. Powered by a BOSSLTG 45kva gen-set.

SPORTING EVENT LIGHTING PERFORMANCE:   For COLLEGE and PROFESSIONAL play required foot candle level is (75fc) maintained) over playing field.  For high quality TV broadcast or team filming the foot candle level requirement is (125fc).  Contact Bossltg for the different price options available using 100 FOOT SPORTS ULTIMATE PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16X1500W

                 Exclusive Safety Features: 100 FOOT SPORTS PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16 X 1500W

                      Safety Consideration operating HIGH MAST PORTABLE LIGHT TOWERS around large groups of spectators.

High Wind Speed Tower Monitoring:  All Bossltg 100′ Stadium Light Towers come with High Wind Speed Detection that automatically lowers the tower when winds exceed pre-set limits.  100′ towers are set at 45mph.  This is an added safety consideration to ensure tower stability during sporting events.

Safety Tower Features:  100′ tower will automatically stop when reaching 100′ extend height.  At this point a steel pin ram will lock the telescoping members preventing them from lowering if the cables or winches are compromised.  Automatic tower stop at lowered nesting position.  This prevents any backlashing of cables on winch drums.  This safety feature is to prevent anyone from using this tower that has not been trained.  Never to be operated by anyone below the age of 21.  Operating instructions are located on control cabinet, simple to read and easy to understand.

Red Beacon Light:  Flashes when the telescoping tower is in motion.  The safety feature alerts those in authority during game time that a Bossltg 80′ high mast tower is in motion, either authorized or in-authorized, this alert will warn coaches, assistants and officials that tower is being lowered during game.

Floodlighting System:  This Bossltg 100 FOOT SPORTS ULTIMATE PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16X1500W comes with 16 x 1500w Metal Halide floodlights.    Depending on the positioning of floodlights on tower these sixteen lights has the potential to illuminate over 100+ acres. Understanding that Bossltg Techs will direct the potential of 100 acres of  illumination and confined it to spread uniformity across field, end zone to end zone.  100 acres of light within a one area of playing field will create a HIGH foot candle LEVEL on field.  Adding more 100′ towers will only increase the brightness of light (foot candle level) to reach 75fc for game time and 125fc for filming quality.

Floodlight Control Panel:  All 16 floodlights are controlled by a single ON/OFF fused disconnect switch.  Each floodlight is individually fused protected with a GREEN indicating light to identify floodlights in use. This ballast system  fixture identification system helps field service techs to quickly determine lighting faults.  Also allows field service techs to communicate on phone with Bossltg Trouble shooting professionals to quickly determine fault cause.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS:  All Bossltg Stadium Style light towers are available for rental with 90 day advance notice.