50 FOOT ULTIMATE PORTABLE SKID MOUNTED STADIUM LIGHT TOWERS were designed for work areas that required a smaller foot print to place light tower product into application.  Boss skid mounted tower operates off of utility on-site power or a standby portable generator set placed next to the skid base.  The skid base can be filled with concrete to add stability to tower height.  Skid comes with four stabilizing jacks that will level tower within LGP areas,  LOW GROUND PRESSURE areas like mud, sand, snow, gravel and swaps.  Tower pivots from a horizontal position then telescopes vertically by the use of two electric winches.  Once tower is telescoped to its 50′ operating height tower will automatically stop and special device will lock tower in place preventing tower from lowering. Special Feature on all Boss Ultimate Stadium Towers is a high wind speed monitor that will automatically lower tower if winds exceed pre-set limits of 45mph. A red beacon light will flash every time tower is in motion.  Tower will also auto stop when reaching lowered nesting position preventing the winch cables from back-lashing on winch drums.  Towers are available with LED, METAL HALIDE OR HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM FLOODLIGHTS.

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