PORTABLE ELECTRIC POWERED EXPLOSION-PROOF LIGHT TOWER can be UL Certified upon clients request.  Floodlights, electrical switchgear and wiring components are all rated for CLASS 1 DIVISION 1, GROUPS CD hazardous listings.  Can be used Offshore, Oilfields and within Battery Units inside of industrial plants.  Client has options of 480v, 208v or 120/240v power hook-up.  These Explosion Proof light towers can be supplied on towable trailers or on skid design products.  Bossltg allows clients to chose from Appleton, Killark or Crouse electrical products that may be common to their individual plant operations.  Boss can UL Certify this Explosion Proof light tower product under the UL1640 standard.  Boss will be using all UL listed, recognized electrical components. Light Tower product will be assemble to NEC/UL standards.  UL1640 environmental tested prior to labelling and serialized for UL/OHSA tracking.  Systems will be certified as Class 1 Division 1, Groups CD,  Nema 3R.  This product will be powder coated with corrosion resistant applicant.  For full product specifications email: info@bossltg.com

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