PORTABLE CAGE LIGHTS 480V-120V ELECTRIC POWERED UNITS can be equipped with as many as sixteen 1000w metal halide floodlights sized down to carry two 200w LED floodlights.  These types of floodlighting products are designed to be elevated above defined work areas.  Originally made for use within battery units of industrial plants where areas of placement was limited.  Boss offers the cage unit with two light, four lights, eight lights and sixteen light banks.  Clients as option of voltages from 480v, 277v, 208v to 120/240v volt.  Each cage light comes with a single ON/OFF switch that is connected to a 150′ power cord.  Client to advise if power plug is required.  The cages are produced from light weight steel designed to protect the floodlights from damage.  They come with forklift pockets and four point lifting eyes.  Most common Cage light is the Model ELEC-16L-480V METAL HALIDE.  This product is designed to operate at heights exceeding 60′ above grade.  At this height this portable lighting product can illuminate up to 60 acres.  Perfect product for lighting inside battery units of industrial plants.  PORTABLE CAGE LIGHTS 480V-120V ELECTRIC POWERED UNITS Foot-print being 4ft wide x 9ft tall x 9ft across.  Weight:  less than 1500 lbs.

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