PORTABLE SKID OFFSHORE HAZARDOUS RATED LED LIGHT TOWERS equipped with a 6kw portable diesel generator package.  As precaution the diesel engine exhaust manifold is wrapped in heat blankets along with the spark arrestor muffler.  The battery is enclosure in a marine type plastic battery box.  The battery along with all the 12 volt engine connections are sprayed with RED insulator to prevent any accidental sparks from occurring.  The engine has an E-stop and a Gas detection intake monitor that will automatically shut-down engine if gas is detected near intake.  The generator will be rated Division 2 with an Explosion Proof rated wiring connection box.  All of the electrical components will be minimum rated for division 2 classifications along with the 1000w metal halide floodlights.  These operating components will be assembled within a galvanized heavy duty offshore skid with metal roll cage and top closing doors during operation to protect the light tower from falling objects.  The telescoping tower can telescope up to 30′ and rotate 360 degrees.  Special telescoping heights are available by client upon request.  These offshore towers come standard with at least one 20amp, 120v Explosion proof receptacle.  Bossltg is a UL Certified Portable Explosion Proof lighting and an Electrical Assembler.  Qualified to assemble per clients classification requirements.  NOTE:  UL will not certify small diesel engines.  Because of this Clients will have to approve the use of Diesel Gen-sets for light tower applications used in Hazardous rated areas.  PORTABLE SKID OFFSHORE HAZARDOUS RATED LED LIGHT TOWERS can only be UL Certified for their electrical assembly, not with a Diesel gen-set component per UL restrictions.

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