20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels: 4 x 1000w Floodlights – 20,000 sq.ft.

November 19, 2017
November 19, 2017
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Bossltg Model# PSCP20'-4L x 1000wMH

This Boss Sports Cart Mounted Light Tower is perfect for PRACTICE FIELD LIGHTING for any level of Sports play.  Small in design, light weight, and easy to move around by an adult.  Allows Coaches to target practice drill areas.  Can be positioned within field to obtain better control of light.

20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels:  This Boss product is designed for short term temporary sports field lighting.  Perfect for Youth, High School, College, Sports Clubs practice field portable lighting.  Most simple and fast to assemble by ONE adult. The Boss 20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels is assembled on site.  Floodlights are mounted to tower. Tower sections are extended out and locked in place by manual hand winch, Small 4500w Honda Gas Generator is placed on to the Cart.  Electric start.  Once gen-set is running lights will be turned on.  The amount of light from this tower will illuminate  1/5 of football or soccer field to 35 foot candles. NOTE:  Four of these 1000w fixtures will illuminate 5 acres of area. You want to direct the light in a concentrated area of playing field.  20 yard space of field.  This will ensure 35fc of light for practice. Add more to increase field lighting requirements. This Cart can be positioned anywhere throughout the practice filed for drill work.  Move as needed for specific drill activity.   Operates off a 4500w HONDA GASOLINE GEN-SET or can be plugged into utility on-site electrical power.  Can be shipped anywhere throughout the USA.  Will need a forklift to receive.  Recommended to be delivered to an office/shop where it can be unloaded and transferred to back of pick-up truck to be delivered to playing field for assembly.

Temporary Sports Lighting for Season Long Sporting events.  Contact Todd Chambers for more information on Boss Sports Field Temporary Portable Light Towers.  info@bossltg.com

20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels:  Fixtures mounted on telescoping tower that will allow floodlights to illuminate 10,000 square feet of playing area at 35fc (foot-candles), the brightness of light on the field required by sporting regulations

The Boss 20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels:  Powerful Metal Halide Sports Floodlighting  towers are used for  Youth League, High School, and Athletic Clubs sports field short term temporary lighting requirements.  Practice fields only.

Metal Halide vs LED Sports Lighting Consideration:  LED is by far the best quality of light for night time sports play.  Led produces a natural day time light over field of play.  Most all athletic fields, College and Professional have gone to LED LIGHTING.  Metal Halide was the light of choice prior to LED.  Every sporting event used Metal Halide up until LED was invented.  The down-side to LED it is very expensive for portable use.  To match Fixture wattage of LED to Metal Halide would be extremely more expensive using LED.  For portable use the wattage of LED fixture are reduced per tower so to get pure LED light advantage for sports lighting one would require a higher number of Portable Towers to equal the out put of just ONE metal halide tower.  Boss offers both LED and Metal Halide for PRACTIC FIELD SPORTING EVENTS.

20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels.  IDEAL for short term temporary sports field lighting:  Football, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, rugby, etc.  These portable towers can be hard wired into existing field utility power or can be powered by PORTABLE HONDA TYPE DIESEL gen-sets.  One tower will be able to illuminate 1/5th of football/soccer playing field to 35 foot candles.  Fixtures projects light 200 feet.  For practice additional 20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels can be added as needed based on the size of playing fields and foot candle levels required, min. 35fc for sports practice fields.   Bossltg takes the responsibility to deliver the required FOOT CANDLES lighting levels to the field of play.  This is a contracted commitment to ensure the client of a safe and successful temporary lighting event.

The Boss 20 FOOT PORTABLE SPORTS PRACTICE FIELD FLOODLIGHTING-35fc Levels is assembled on site.  CART supports the telescoping tower.  Fixtures are mounted to tower then using manual self-braking with the telescoping sections are extended out and locked in place,  Small HONDA gasoline generator is places onto the cart for tower stability.   Cart handle to pull cart to positions on field to best present the light required.

Long Term lighting solutions for Temporary Lighting Requirements.


Please allow at least THREE MONTH advance notice of installation.  This service is available throughout the USA.

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