Bossltg Model# TP4x100w-LED TRIPOD

4 X 100W LED PORTABLE TRIPOD LIGHTING:  4 x 100w LED TASK AREA FLOODLIGHTING. This product designed to illuminate a 4000 sq. ft. area. 4 X 100w LED Floodlights mounted on a heavy duty tripod stand adjustable height to 7 feet. Operates off of 120v.  Project a beam of light 50' with both a 360* and a 180* beam pattern.  Assembled in Compliant to UL153 PORTABLE LIGHTING STANDARD..



4 X 100W LED PORTABLE TRIPOD LIGHTING:  4 X 100w LED Tripod mounted floodlights on a heavy duty Bossltg tripod light stand that has an adjustable tower height of  7 feet. Comes with a 25′ power cord with a 5-15P 120v plug.  Illuminates 4000 square feet of work area. Projects light 50′ away from fixture.  Total Weight:  40lbs.  Lights can be adjusted for 360* illumination.  Total 4 amps load

100W LED FIXTURES:  Rated for out-door use. 100 watt of LED light. 9800 lumens of light per fixture.  Projects light 50+ feet from tripod.  Operated off of 120v.  Total load per LED fixture, less than 1 amp.

Tripod Stand:   Galvanized steel sliding members with powder coated legs and shackles.  Legs Folds together for storage.  Extended height is 7′.  This is a heavy duty build tripod stand.  This is produced here in US.  Not an export lite weight model.  Rental Equipment industry standard.  Wt:  30 lbs.

4 X 100W LED PORTABLE TRIPOD LIGHTING is the industries most popular tripod style lighting product.  The most durable tripod product when comparing to Grainer, Home Depot style commercial light weight lighting products.

APPLICATIONS:   Tight confined task lighting projects.  Scaffold building, electrical work, carpenter work, field equipment repairs and for most general lighting requirements.

The style of lighting is recognized by UL153 Portable Lighting Standards.  Bossltg assembles these products in compliant to UL Standards components and testing procedures.

Boss is a UL Certified portable lighting and electrical distribution assembler.  We have the experience and certifications to build products acceptable by US and Canada Standards.