PORTABLE LED FLOODLIGHTS GENERAL USE are defined as LED and Metal Halide Portable lighting products.  These types of products are generally light weight in design and easy to position for use.  These types of product come with tripod stands, floor stands, on carts, magnetic mounted, scaffold mounted and spring mounted.  PORTABLE LED FLOODLIGHTS GENERAL USE products are mainly used by small trade contractors working is tight areas where on one person can work; electricians, plumbers, painters, sheet-rock workers, brick layers and etc.  Products operate off of 120v utility power.  Bossltg products are durable for apps that require rough service usage.  All portable lights need to be elevated to maximize the illumination light potential. When possible these lights are design to be position to produce down light.  In this operating position the shadowing affect is minimized so worker is always working from underneath the light source.  Bossltg is an original portable lighting company.