PORTABLE LED FLOODLIGHTS are used for small task projects.  LED lights produce a large amount of illumination over a small area.  Perfect for projects that required single worker.  Portable and light weight one person can carry and set-up lighting product to perform work task.  These LED lights are powered by 120v utility power of can be powered by small gasoline generator set.   PORTABLE LED FLOODLIGHTS come in a variety of presentations, tripod lights, cart lights, magnet lights, spring mounted lights and scaffold mounted lighting brackets.  The LED lamp is very durable and will last longer than any other light source offered.  LED produces a day-light affect light presentation.  Clear crisp light that allows workers to see clearly at the task at hand.  LED lights are like all portable lights the higher you mount them the more area they will illuminate.  Bossltg offers LED portable lighting products with multiple lights on single stands.

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