PORTABLE METAL HALIDE FLOODLIGHTS are used in a variety of portable lighting applications.  1000w and 1500w metal halide floodlights are available on portable cart type stands. Client has choice of 7′ push up tower or 15′ telescoping tower.  The higher the floodlight is above grade the farther the light will project producing the most illumination possible.  Boss offers single light and dual light PORTABLE METAL HALIDE FLOODLIGHTS systems.  Designed to fit within the back of a normal sized pick-up truck.  Can be positioned within truck bed to that floodlights do not get damage during travel.  Metal Halide floodlights are available with different beam patterns from 20% to 90% wide beam projection.  Mostly used on construction sites where elevation areas are present.  These types of portable lighting products operate off of 120v, 1ph or 120/240v, 1ph.  Can be plugged into 120v utility outlet or small gasoline portable Honda gen-set. Portable Lights

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