Bossltg Model# BUMQ4516MH-100′ Hyd/RC

Our Bossltg 100 FOOT ULITMATE HYDRAULIC PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16X1500W MH product is completely remote control operated from within on-site vehicle or  guard or supervisor’s office trailers from 300′. Features hydraulic control stabilizers to remotely level and secure tower on LPG soil conditions. Hydraulic control pivoting and telescoping tower functions.  Will take the place of 20 standard FOUR – light 30′ Rental light Tower Products. Can Illuminate 100+ acres and project a beam of light 2500 ft with a 180* beam spread pattern. Operates for 3 Eight Hour working shifts has optional 500 gallon portable fuel cell for extended hour operations.  This Bossltg Stadium Hydraulic remote controlled 100′ Light Tower has exclusive Safety features included to protect operator and tower components.  The only 100′ Hydraulic  Remote Controlled Stadium Light Tower produced in the USA for floodlighting applications.  US patent pending filings.



High-Intensity, Telescoping Light Tower With Safety Features – Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Bossltg 100 FOOT ULITMATE HYDRAULIC PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16X1500W MH product is completely HYDRAULIC remote controlled from within worksite vehicles or on-site office trailers, 300′ from tower.  Operator can remotely start gen-set, lights will automatically come on two minutes later if gen-set is operating at its rated output engine speed of 1800 rpm.  If  BOSSLTG 45kva gen-set is not operating at rated speed the Bossltg stadium light tower floodlights will not come on.  This alerts site operators that the Bossltg gen-set needs attention.  The Bossltg Tower Trailer has FOUR Hydraulic remote control stabilizer jacks to level and secure tower on LPG soil conditions.  Once Bossltg Stadium light tower is level operator can  pivot tower to vertical position then telescope floodlights to their 100′ operating height.  While the BOSSLTG Stadium light tower is in motion a RED BEACON LIGHT will flash to alert site personnel that there is a Bossltg HIGH MAST TOWER in motion.  A site safety feature only offered on Bosslg Stadium Light Tower products.  A Bossltg 100’stadium light tower will take the place of 20 – Standard FOUR – light 30′ Rental light Tower Products; Will Illuminate 100+ acres and project a beam of light 2500 ft at a 180* or 360* beam spread pattern. Operates for 3 Eight Hour working shifts.  Bossltg Rental Stadium Light Tower units can be supplied with 500 gallon portable fuel cells to extend operating time up to 300 + hours. Axillary 120v GFCI power panels are available for site operations that need power outlets during the day.

Bossltg Stadium Light Tower Hydraulic Features include:   Operator can remote control the outrigger stabilizers to ensure level position of trailer on LPG ( low ground pressure ) soil.  This remote control feature is especially valuable when tower is operating on shifting soil conditions, mud, sand, rocks or ice;  critically valuable in applications when it is important that tower leveling be monitored, daily.   The remote control includes full operational functions of pivoting tower to upright position and then the telescoping to 100′ above grade.

Bossltg Stadium Rental units can be supplied with 500 gallon portable fuel cells to extend operating time an additional 250 hours.

Project cost Savings:   Using Bossltg Stadium Towers will save on over-all site fuel consumption. Huge labor hours saved to start/stop towers, daily. Plus the labor costs to fuel and service multiple towers each week/month.


Auto Start Stop Day Timers:   This operating feature allows site management to set the time they would like the tower lights to come on at night and when to turn them off in the morning hours.  Especially if Bossltg Stadium Light towers monthly billing is based on gen-set total hours of use, monthly.

High Wind Speed Tower Monitoring:  All Bossltg Hydraulci Stadium Light Towers come with High Wind Speed Detection that automatically lowers the tower when winds exceed pre-set limits.  100′ towers are set at 45mph.  This is an added safety consideration to ensure tower stability for any high wind project concern.

Red Beacon Light:  Flashes when the telescoping hydraulic tower is in motion.  The safety feature alerts crane operators, area safety superintendents, and general work site personnel that a Bossltg high mast tower is in motion.

Floodlighting System:  This Bossltg 100 FOOT ULITMATE HYDRAULIC PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT TOWER 16X1500W MH is equipped with 16 x 1500w metal halide floodlights.  Special fixture reflectors allows 8 of the floodlights to project light 2000′.  The other 8 floodlights can project light 2500′.  Depending on the positioning of floodlight this combination of sixteen lights has the potential to illuminate over 100+ acres of work site area.  Floodlights can be equipped with DARK SKY POLUTION CONTROL SHROUDS when used close prox to airports or residential areas.

Floodlight Control Panel:  All 16 floodlights are controlled by a single ON/OFF fused disconnect switch.  Each floodlight ballast is individually fused protected with a GREEN indicating light to identify floodlights in use.  The ballast are numbered to correspond to the fixture number located on the fixture receptacle box located next to fixture on boom.  This ballast to fixture identification system helps field service techs to quickly determine lighting faults.  Also allows field service techs to communicate on phone with Bossltg Trouble shooting professionals to quickly determine fault cause.

Axillary 120 Volt GFCI power panels:  For projects that need to use the gen-set 120 volt GFCI electrical outlets during the day shifts, Boss will supply Bossltg Temp Power stations that plug into the 125/250v California Receptacles on gen-set power panel.  Each 120v power panel will have 6 x 20amp, 120v, GFCI duplex outlets or  12 x 120v plug-ins for power tools.  NOTE: Bossltg would recommend Unlimited Use gen-set rental contracts when using axillary power panels.


High Pressure Sodium Floodlights:  Used in applications where heavy ice fog is prevalent.  HPS penetrates ice fog.  Call Boss for details.

Metal Tire Boots: Special fenders that bolt under tires to allow trailer to be pulled over rocky or muddy areas.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS:  All Bossltg Stadium Style light towers are available for rental with 90 day advance notice.