TEMP POWER UL1640 portable job-site electric distribution products.  UL1640 is the UL Standard for the production, assembly and testing of all portable temporary electrical power distribution used within the USA and recognized by CANADIAN STANDARDS.  TEMP POWER UL1640 product include Portable GFCI substations with 480v transformers, Portable Splitter panels, Portable office trailer-rv substations, Portable safety ON/OFF switchgear and Portable I-line Square D power panels.  TEMP POWER UL1640 products are used on industrial turnaround, mega construction projects, and for special events like state fairs and trade show exhibits.   Temp Power panels takes the line voltage available on site and either transforms it to application requirements or splits voltages to distribute line voltage circuits to operate designated electrical equipment.  These product can be installed within metal cages, on skids, carts and even mobile trailers.  One of the main usage for temp power is to power portable hand tools and portable lighting products.  These types of products require GFI protected circuits to be OHSA acceptable for use in portable apps.  Ground fault is defined as detecting a phase unbalance to ground.  When this occurs the circuit immediately opens to protect individuals from electrical shock.  GFI is not design to protect electrical equipment.  Circuit breakers are still required when using GFI protection.