PORTABLE EXPLOSION PROOF GFI POWER CORDS are mainly used in the OFFSHORE industry.  These are special assembled for specific app requirements.  Clients can request cord lengths that meet their application. The brand names of plugs and connectors can be chosen from: APPLETON, KILLARK, an CROUSE.  The max voltage available will be 480 volt with max amp up to 200amps.  All explosion proof plugs are rated Class 1 – Division 1, Groups ABCD.  Cord insulation ratings will have a minimum of SO with Type W cords available in multi-conduction styles.  Bossltg produces a 120v, 2oamp GFCI Explosion Proof rated in-line protection product.  This product uses an Explosion Proof rated GFI MONITOR that is wired inline with an Explosion Proof rated Green pilot ON indicating light that is a UL requirement.  This pilot detects open circuit to 20amp, 120v Explosion Proof receptacle to warn operators that GFI is not in service.  Monitor locks out voltage to Receptacle.  This GFI portable Explosion proof product can be modified to handle up to three 20amp explosion proof receptacles.  GFI system is mounted on an aluminum bracket with carrying handle that can be used to hang.  The line power cord comes with 100′ of 12/3 SO cord with a Nema 5- 15/20amp explosion proof rated straight blade plug.

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