Portable office-RV power stations for construction site office complex temporary power hook-ups.  The temp power systems comes with a portable transformer rated for 480v – 3phase that will reduce the voltage down to 120/240v – 1ph to be distributed through individual fused disconnect switches that are used to power groups of office trailers.  These types of portable office-rv power stations can be supplied with 208y/120v -3ph secondary power if project requires for larger office trailer complexes.  The individual fused disconnects act as the MAIN on/off switch to each office trailer.  These switches come in 60amp and 100amp sizes.  Portable office-rv power stations can be supplied with variable sized portable transformers depending on the size of the office trailer complex.  Bossltg is a UL Certified Portable job-site electrical distribution assembler.  Boss have the ability to design and produce any sized unit required for projects with the validations from UL to Certify each product.

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