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Bossltg Model # MS-3W-120V 5-20 WATER TIGHT

PORTABLE MULTI- VOLTAGE SPLITTERS –  INDUSTRIAL.   All Multi-Splitters are assembled by a UL Certified Electrical Assembler.  Each Splitter will use UL Certified SO type power cord sized 15% higher in amp rated in relation to the supplied power plug and connector amp rating used within the specific system being assembled.  Special assembled products ranged up 5 way splits.

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PORTABLE MULTI- VOLTAGE SPLITTERS –  INDUSTRIAL:  Used with Shuttle Low Voltage Lighting Transformer to expand Product Proformance.

PORTABLE MULTI- VOLTAGE SPLITTERS –  INDUSTRIAL.  All multi-voltage splitters are special assembled.  Pre-approval by responsible user has to be given prior to production of products.  Client’s have the choice of 3-way to 2-way products. The choice of plugs and connectors is open to clients specific operating requirements.  Any size amp rating, Nema style and Environmental rating is available.  This type of product is specifically useful when attached to a BOSS Shuttle in-line low voltage lighting transformer.  Multiple connectors allows Shuttle to operator a number of hand lamp products and string light products.  Splitters are assembled based on the acceptable wiring practices approved by NEC/UL standards..

Bossltg is a UL1640 Temporary Job-site Electrical Explosion Proof Distribution assembler.  We have the experience to produce, test and label all multi-splitters for temporary use like which will includes PORTABLE MULTI- VOLTAGE SPLITTERS –  INDUSTRIAL. 

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  Each splitter will use UL Certified SO type power cord sized 15% higher in amp rating in relation to the supplied power plug and connector used within the specific system being assembled.  PLUGS and CONNECTORS:   Daniel Woodhead, Ericson, Hubbell, Leviton,  are the main brands that our clients can request.  Rating range from 20a up to 50 amps. Nema 5-15/20 through California Style L14.  Because all splitters are special assembled client has the options to select brands.  Bossltg takes the responsibility to select SO CORD sizes to ensure correct amp rating for splitters related to connector requirements.

SO/SEOW CORDS:   The smallest cord size Bossltg supplies will be a 12/3.

EXTENSION CORD ORDERING PROCESS:   Bossltg needs the type of plug or connector, amp rating of expected load, operating voltage.

BOSSLTG is a UL844-p4 Certified Portable Explosion Proof lighting and UL 1640 Electric temporary power distribution assembler. If clients are not sure of what they need for any application Bossltg can inform the NEC/UL standard requirements needed to assemble.