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PORTABLE GFI POWER BOX SYSTEM- 5 X GF2 120V BOXES : – 5 X Double 20a Duplex California Down Line GFCI


Bossltg Model # GF5-20a-120v POWER BOX SYSTEM

PORTABLE GFI POWER BOX SYSTEM- 5 X GF2 120V BOXES .   All Industrial rated GFI SPECIAL SYSTEMS are assembled by a UL Certified Electrical Assembler.  Line Power supply to Base Station with California Style 50a, 125/250v 3p/4w power plug. 4 x GF2 GFCI boxes with 50′ cord that plug into Base stations. Down Line GFCI Power Distribution System.

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PORTABLE GFI POWER BOX SYSTEM- 5 X GF2 120V BOXES: 4 x Double 20a Duplex Down Line GFCI with BASE STATION.

PORTABLE GFI POWER BOX SYSTEM- 5 X GF2 120V BOXES :  Industrial rated Portable GFI products SPECIAL build. Client can chose OEM plug or connectors common to their needs.  50a, 120/250v Line Plug feeds a main 120/240v Base Station with 4 x 120v, 20a, twist lock receptacles.  The base units feeds power to 4 x GF2 Ground Fault Boxes.  Boss units have UL required phase lock out relays to shut off power within Base Station if one of the 2 phases is disconnected from line circuit. Green indicating light will go out to alert phase failure. GF2 Boxes comes with  2 x 20a, 120v GFCI Duplex receptacles with In-Use Weather Proof covers.  Each receptacle is protected by individual 20a circuit breaker. 50′ 12/3 power cords with each GF2 Box.  Special GFI products are assembled based on the acceptable wiring practices approved by NEC/UL STANDARDS.

GFI DEFINITION:  GFI is a personal protection device that detects voltage in-balance between phases to ground. .05ma trip range.  Don’t confuse GFI with circuit protection for equipment loads.  GFI does not act as a circuit breaker.

Bossltg is a UL1640 Temporary Job-site Distribution assembler.  We have the experience to produce, test and label all industrial SPECIAL MODIFIED GFI products for temporary use.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  Each GFI product will use UL Certified SO type power cords sized 15% higher in amp rating in relation to the supplied California Style 50a, 125/250v 3p/4w power plug feeding line power to Base Station.  This system has a phase lock out device,  4 x 20a rated twist lock receptacles protected by in use weather proof rated cover. Each receptacle is circuit breaker protected.  Base station feeds 120v power to GF2 boxes that have double duplex GFCI outlets. PORTABLE GFI POWER BOX SYSTEM- 5 X GF2 120V BOXES 

SPECIAL POWER INLET:    California style PLUG is supplied to supply power to BASE STATION.  When special OEM plugs and connectors are requested; Daniel Woodhead, Ericson, Hubbell and Leviton products are available.  Client has the choice of which brand OEM they need for their specific apps.

If client is not sure of the specific plug or connector they can call:  225-324-6663 Direct Line – 24 hour UL Tech Assistance.

BOSSLTG is a UL 1640 Electric temporary power distribution assembler. Bossltg can inform you of the NEC/UL standard requirements needed for specific client’s apps.