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Bossltg Model # CR100-12/3-20a WP 120V

PORTABLE EXTENSION CORD REALS – INDUSTRIAL.   All Industrial rated extension cord reels are assembled by a UL Certified Electrical Assembler.  Each extension cord reel will use UL Certified SO type power cord sized 15% higher in amp rating in relationship to the supplied power plug or connector used within the specific system being assembled.  Daniel Woohead, Ericson, Hubbell, Leviton, Appleton, Killark and Crouse wiring devises are available on Bossltg Industrial Extension Cord Reals.  Extension Cord reels are available on heavy duty skid frames or made available  on a towable trailer.  Industrial Cord Reels are built to Clients specific application requirement.  Hand Spool or Electric Worm Gear driven spools.

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PORTABLE EXTENSION CORD REELS – INDUSTRIAL:  All cord sizes available Special Designs to fit larger cord sizes.  Electric Driven Spools.

PORTABLE EXTENSION CORD REELS – INDUSTRIAL:  All Industrial rated extension cord reels are special assembled. Smaller size cord reels are of plastic with the larger reels up to 4/4-0 Type W are fabricated from heavy gauge steel.  Multi-drum reals available for spooling 50′ welding machine 5 x 50′ sections on single cord reel design.  Cord reels available on skids with fork lift pockets and single point lifting eye, or, on towable trailers.  Hand or Electric Worm Gear driven.

Bossltg is a UL1640 Temporary Job-site Distribution assembler.  We have the experience to produce, test and label all industrial extension cords for temporary use.  Daniel Woodhead and Ericson are the two OEM brands available.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  Each extension cord reel will be able to store up to a minimum of 50′ using UL Certified SO type power cord sized 15% higher in amp rated in relation to the supplied power plug  or connector used within the specific system being assembled.  Standard sizes 12/3 SO cord reels are available in 100′ cord spools with multi-outlet receptacles on load size of power cords.

CORD REELS PLUGS-CONNECTORS:    Daniel Woodhead, Ericson, Hubbell and Leviton are the four standard OEM brands.  APPLETON, KILLARK or CROUSE are the three main industrial brands that our clients can request.  Rating range from 20a up to 200 amps. Nema 5-15/20 through Pin & Sleeve type.  Because all extension cord reels are special produced client has the options to select reel size and brand plugs and connectors.  Bossltg takes the responsibility to select SO CORD sizes to ensure correct amp rating for power cords related to connector requirements.

SO/SEOW/TYPE W POWER CORDS:   The smallest cord size Bossltg supplies will be a 12/3 with the largest being supplied  5/4-0 Type W.  Code Reels are designed to take a minimum of 50′ of cord size per reel.  Cord reels can be designed with multi-drum dividers to store different sizes of cords on single reel.

SIMPLE EXTENSION CORD REEL ORDERING PROCESS:   Bossltg needs total length of cord per cord real,  the type Nema/Environmental rating of plug and connector, amp rating and operating voltage.  If client is not sure just call:  225-324-6663 Direct Line – 24 hour assistance.

BOSSLTG is a UL844-p4 Certified Portable Explosion Proof lighting and UL 1640 Electric temporary power distribution assembler. If clients are not sure of what they need for any application Bossltg can give you the NEC/UL standard requirements needed to assemble.