Bossltg Model# E32C-4EXP-120V CART

Bossltg combo EXPLOSION PROOF power receptacle box with 4 x 120v Explosin Proof Hand Lamps.

PORTABLE 120V EXPLOSION-PROOF HANDLAMPS- 4 X 120V EXP RECEPTACLES:  4 x 120v EXP OUTLETS and  EXPLOSION PROOF HANDLAMPS and 120v POWER DISTRIBUTION BOX: Rated Class 1 Division 1, GRP. CD, 50/60hz.  System comes with an Aluminum Cart Mounted Explosion Proof 120v-50/60hz EXPLOSION PROOF RATED Power box with 4 x 120v outlets that power 4 x 9w – LED Explosion Proof Hand-lamps each with 100′ of lamp cords that match plugs with 120v box receptacles.

This is an exclusive product specially designed for overseas applications for 50/60HZ 

Bossltg is a UL Certified Portable Explosion Proof Electrical Assembler and Job-site Electric Power Distribution Assembler.


PORTABLE 120V EXPLOSION-PROOF HANDLAMPS- 4 X 120V EXP RECEPTACLES:   FOUR EXPLOSION PROOF LED HANDLAMPS with Four 120v Explosion Proof Rated receptacles mounted on an Aluminum two wheel cart with conductive wheels for maintaining positive ground within metal containment.  System comes with a 100′ 120v Power supply Cord with EXP 15amp 5-15P plug. Lighting System Rated Class 1 Division 1, GRP. CD.

PORTABLE 120V EXPLOSION-PROOF HANDLAMPS- 4 X 120V EXP RECEPTACLES:    EXPLOSION PROOF 120v Hand Lamps, Daniel Woodhead#61430, Ericson#2600 or General Manufacturing# XP163 operate of this 120v EXPLOSION PROOF Power Station EXCLUSIVE DESIGN BY BOSSLTG: Consult factory direct for exclusive product specifications. sales@bossltg.com

Boss is a UL Certified Explosion Proof lighting and UL1640 Certified electrical assembler validated to assemble these products in compliant to UL/OHSA regulations.

TRUST THAT YOUR SPECIAL DESIGN AND ASSEMBLER OF EXPLOSION PROOF RATED PRODUCTS IS UL/CSA CERTIFIED.   Bossltg is UL Certified to design and assembler explosion proof lighting and electrical distribution equipment.  Potential clients can go to www.ul.com.  Drop down to UL Listing Directory, type in BOSSLTG, INC.  Our list of UL certifications will be shown.   The two most important certifications that apply to assembling this special EXPLOSION PROOF product are: Temporary Explosion  Proof Portable Lighting & Temporary Job-Site Electrical Distribution. Both validated by UL.

WARNING:  This product design must get prior approval by project owners to be used in explosion proof HOT LOCATIONS.  There are some owners that will not allow the making or breaking of plug type connections within Explosion Proof area ratings.  Be sure this is confirmed before using product within confined space HOT WORK SLIP required locations.