PORTABLE LED EXPLOSION-PROOF HAND-LAMPS 120V have become the most commonly used explosion proof hand lamp for confined space entry apps.  This hand lamp carries a Class 1 Division 1, Groups: CD-FG rating along with an Environmental rating on Nema 4X.  The Nema 4x allows this classified product to be fixed in the field by operator.  Each hand lamp comes with printed instructions on how to change the bulb and the O-rings that allow the hand lamp to be rated for Water-proof Nema 4x.  Daniel Woodhead was the first hand lamp producer to get this Nema 4x distinction.  Doing so revolutionized the portable hand-lamp industry.  Bossltg is a UL certified portable explosion proof lighting assembler.  We are an OEM for the Daniel Woodhead #61430 Hand lamp.  Boss offers to our clients the repair service ability to bring damage hand lamps back to their original OEM new condition and validate to OEM compliant standards.

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