Portable 15w LED – PAINT SPRAY BOOTH portable lighting products.  These Explosion Proof UL Approved lighting products are for use within confined space entry paint booth areas.  The 15w LED fixtures are rated for Class 1 Division 1, PAINT SPRAY BOOT APPROVED.  The fixtures operate of 120v volt. Come standard with 100′ power cords with explosion proof rated plugs. The Portable 15w LED – PAINT SPRAY BOOTH product are installed within protective aluminum cages.  Each product comes with a protective replaceable plexi-glass shield to prevent paint spray from getting on glass globes of bulb.  There is a metal guard that goes over the plexi-glass to prevent falling objects from breaking fixture parts.  The portable lighting stands can be fitted with conductive caster wheels or rubber tired conductive wheels for moving fixture around within paint booths.  These types of paint spray product can be used under temporary shelters used for painting or even tarps as long as there is flow thru fresh air ventilation.

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