PORTABLE LED EXPLOSION PROOF UL844-P4 FLOODLIGHTING was original established in 2012 by Underwriter’s Laboratories for the purpose of defining assemble safety instructions for all UL844 explosion proof floodlighting being used for portable applications.  Back in 1996, it was Specialty Lighting, Inc. that first developed a Metal Halide Floodlight that was sent to Underwriter’s Lab for testing and approval for use in Oil Storage Tanks.  The product, PS400MH-C-UL-24 Boss product became the first HID floodlight accepted for use in confined space areas by UL.  It was from this original test project that UL developed the portable standard now recognized today as UL844-P4 Standard for Explosion Proof floodlighting to be used for portable applications.  When LED products came onto the market UL wanted to make it clear that Explosion Proof Floodlights could not be used for portable use without first being modified according the component and testing procedures found in UL844-P4 Standard.