Portable single phase diesel gen-sets are by far the most popular style of small generator products in the USA.  Portable single phase  gen-sets are used for a variety of portable lighting products:  Portable LED Lighting, Portable Cart Lights, Portable scaffolding lights, Portable sports lighting, and many more portable floodlighting products.  Portable single phase diesel gen-sets are use to power Portable Temporary Job-site Electrical Distribution products.  Portable GFCI products, Portable RV distribution stations, Portable 480v-120v GFCI transformer substations.  Portable single phase diesel gen-sets are standard for power requirements with Portable Light Towers.  Portable 30 foot light towers, portable 40 foot light towers, portable offshore hazardous rated light towers, portable gen-set light towers, portable sports light towers, portable ultimate stadium light towers and portable skid mounted light towers. Single phase diesel gen-sets produce 120/240v electrical power.  This 120v power is the most common voltage used for powering electrical tooling and portable lighting.  In the oilfield industrial these portable single phase diesel gen-sets are used as both electrical power for guard and office trailer on drill sites but also for security portable lighting.

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