PORTABLE OFFSHORE LED WATER-PROOF NEMA 4X FLOODLIGHTING are used where there are heavy water burdened applications.  Saltwater or freshwater environments.  Nema 4x represents a water proof floodlight.  This means that when water is dripping or spaying onto this style of floodlight no water can enter due to its rubber sealed gasket.  For offshore applications Boss recommends that the floodlights be mounted within a spring mounted bracket.  Eight stainless steel springs suspends the fixture to allow the springs to absorb the vibration and mechanical shock of floodlight bouncing around do to unstable operating conditions on offshore platform, work over rigs, work boats, etc.  Bossltg is a UL Certified Explosion Proof Hazardous Location portable lighting and UL1640 Certified Job-site electrical power distribution assembler.  Underwriter’s trusts the abilities of Bossltg to follow NEC/UL assembly procedures that ensures professional representation of the UL Mark.  The UL Mark is the most recognized symbol of safety known for in the USA.

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