PORTABLE OFFSHORE FLOODLIGHTING products are build for abusive use.  The operating environmental conditions offshore require that portable lighting products be designed and manufactured with heavy duty rated materials to allow the light product to withstand the abusive nature of offshore working conditions.  PORTABLE OFFSHORE FLOODLIGHTING comes in to environmental ratings, Explosion Proof portable lighting and Division 2 Nema 4x water proof ratings. Explosion proof lighting is offered with LED lights.  These types of products are originally light in weight and can be easily adapted within a protective steel cage or mounted upon a portable heavy duty stand that will support the LED lights.  The Division 2 Nema 4x Water proof lights are more adaptable to abusive conditions.  They too can be mounted is the same types of product presentations that will protect the fixtures from abusive operating conditions.  All the Explosion proof presentations are manufactured using aluminum steel, UL requirement for Explosion Proof lighting portable use.  The Division 2 products are produced using galvanize or corrosion resistant powder coated paint.

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