PORTABLE LIGHTING LOW VOLTAGE TRANSFORMERS 12V-24V secondary voltage outlets with 120v or 220v primary input voltages.  These products are available with multi-outlets rated for water-proof or Explosion Proof.  The standards are for portable hand lamps usage.  These 120v to 12 volt systems are available with 2 to 4 secondary 12 volt outlets.  Allows operators to pull four hand lamps into transformer used for confined space entry into tank or vessel.  This system reduces the need for multiple power outlets and the use of single in-line transformers cluttering the entry into manholes.  Low voltage lighting transformers for hand lamps can be supplied with explosion proof rated 12 volt or 24 volt receptacles.  Most low voltage lighting transformers come in a Nema 4 weather proof enclosure with a Nema 3R environmental rating.  Transformer enclosures come with 3′ power cords with a rated Nema plug 120v or 220v.  The primary side of transformers are fused protected.  These products can come on floor stands or wheeled carts.  All explosion proof transformer enclosures have aluminum stands with stainless steel hardware.  Bossltg is a UL certified explosion proof job-site electrical power distribution assembler.  We have the professional validations to produce low voltage transformer to meet individual project apps.

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