PORTABLE LED EXPLOSION-PROOF HANDLAMPS 12-VOLTS are used in confined space entry apps.  These products are rated Class 1 Division 1 Groups CD-FG.  The most common used Explosion Proof hand lamp product used within Tank and Vessel entry.  Explosion proof hand lamps can be equipped with variable cord lengths for specific application needs.  LED bulbs are now the standard for all portable lighting products.  LED produces a soft day light appearance that makes it easy on the eyes for confined space entry workers.  Explosion Proof hand lamps are used to assemble String lights both 120v and 12 volts.  Hand lamps designed strictly to be hung by their hook.  If hung by their cords water will seep into the wiring compartment and damage hand lamp thus voiding any warranty.  The Daniel Woodhead product has an environmental rating of Nema 4x.  This allows hand lamp to be serviced in the field by operators when following written instructions supplied with each hand lamp product.

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