PORTABLE LED INTRINSICALLY SAFE LIGHTING is commonly referred to in the industrial industry as flash lights.  Flash lights have within them their own power supply.  The term intrinsic simply means in this case the ability to power itself without outside power source.  Flash lights are available in a variety of environmental ratings.  To ensure complete safety within a confined space entry app it is recommended to use only Explosion Proof rated flash lights.  By their inherent design these products are intrinsically safe.  Flash lights now come with LED projectors.  The ability to project light over distance and the ability to produce a wide or narrow light beam pattern has helped make inspections within explosion proof tank and vessels safer with the introductions of these new style products.  LED flash lights are now available through Bossltg.  UL Rated for Explosion Proof apps.  Candle power ratings in variable distances.  Candle power is the ability to project light over distance.

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