PORTABLE LED EXPLOSION PROOF STRING LIGHT PRODUCTS 120 VOLT are available with two to eight hand lamps on power cord string.  String cords range from 50′ to 150′ of 14/3 SEOW yellow type cord.  Bossltg uses Daniel Woodhead #61430 Explosion Proof hand lamps. These hand lamps are rated Class 1 Division 1 Groups CD-FG.  Boss offers two styles of string light cords, commercial style with vulcanized splice connections or re-buildable string light cords with Explosion Proof rated splice connections.  All USA string light rental products are designed with re-buildable string light cord connections.  Each String light comes with a added trailer cord.  This cord is the cord between the last hand lamp to the cord plug.  This extra length of cord is to allow string light installers the ability to mount lights inside of confined space entry apps and be able to plug in lights outside of hazardous areas.  Boss offer a 2 -Head system with 50′ string cord, 3-Head with 100′ string cord, 5-head with 100′ string cord and an 8-Head with 150′ string cord.  All Boss string lights use 10w LED 120v bulbs.  LED bulbs have proven to be more durable and last longer that conventional incandescent obsoleted bulbs.  Boss also offers Explosion Proof Fluorescent 120v String light systems for those applications that require minimum glare- soft light.

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