PORTABLE HAND LAMP SYSTEMS 12 VOLT-120 VOLT are normally used in confined space entry applications.  Available with Explosion Proof and Water proof classifications and environmental ratings.  Explosion proof hand lamps are rated Class 1 Division 1 Groups CD-FG.  The Daniel Woodhead #61430 carries a Nema 4x environmental water proof rating as well.  The Daniel Woodhead # 1203QOG is has a water proof Nema 4x environmental rating.  This product features a quick open metal guard that protects the operator from touch potentially hot glass globe.  Quick opening feature allow operator to safely and easily change bulbs in field without the requirement of tooling.  Hand lamps come with a standard 50′ lamp cord, 14/3 SEOW rated heavy duty.  The cords can be connected to an in-line 120v-12v transformer, #E31-SHUTTLE.  The shuttle has a 25′ power cord, 16/3 SEOW with a Nema 5-15/20P plug DW#1447.  These styles of hand lamps can also be plugged into multi-outlet lighting transformers.  The hand lamp cords come with a weather proof twist lock plug that mates to the power connector related the low voltage lighting transformer.  Bossltg offers a variety of low voltage lighting transformers for clients to chose from.

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