PORTABLE 400W METAL HALIDE EXPLOSION PROOF FLOODLIGHTING UL844-P4 produced in accordance to UL standards assembly procedures.  This 400w Metal Halide Explosion Proof Portable lighting product was the first to be UL Certified for portable use within confined space entry apps.  From this 1996 original UL established UL844-P4 portable standards to allow all UL844 explosion proof floodlights to be modified for portable use.  Metal Halide and LED floodlights are now qualified to be modified to meet UL compliance standards for Explosion proof floodlighting used for portable use.  Bossltg offers a number of 400w metal halide explosion proof floodlights that have specific application designs.  24″ and 18″ manhole entry cart mounted, tripod mounted, manhole mounted, and hang mounted Class 1 Division 1 Groups CD floodlight used with GFCI protection is now acceptable for use within confined space entry apps.  It is understood with all Explosion Proof lighting products it is the responsibility of the owner representatives on project to approve the classifications of all explosion proof lighting products used within hazardous locations.

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