ELECTRIC POWERED LIGHT TOWERS can operate off of utility electrical or by portable generator electrical power source. These units come with a 100′ power cord with a standard 50amp, 125/250v, twist lock 3p/4w plug know as a Spider or California style connector. Equipped with a single ON/off MAIN POWER switch. Lighting source is available in LED or Metal Halide. Because there is not diesel gen-set package there is not engine protective enclosure to reduce engine noise. ELECTRIC POWERED LIGHT TOWERS can be trailer mounted, skid mounted or rail mounted.

The ELECTRIC POWERED LIGHT TOWERS are recommended using LED FLOODLIGHTING. LED has instant ON and OFF. Unlike Metal Halide where operator has to wait as much as 20 minutes for the light to come back on at full brightness once lamp has been turned off. LED are used for smaller task areas illumination requirements. A disadvantage of LED is the week candle-power of light source. LED does not have the ability to project light over long distance unlike the Metal Halide lamp.

It is recommended to contact a Boss lighting tech to help determine the
most valued method of choosing LED over Metal Halide lights for your specific lighting projects.

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