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PORTABLE FLOODLIGHTING PRODUCTS UL153 UL844-P4 are produced within the USA must be assembled within the UL153 Compliance Standard.  This standard covers the requirements need to make products save for portable use.  Bossltg offers special build products that meet specific application needs.  The variety of Boss products are all original concepts by our field operators that requested portable lighting suitable for their working tasks.  Boss took these request and developed portable lighting products that are in compliant to USA portable use standard 153.   Boss offers Explosion Proof rated, Hazardous duty rated, and General purpose rated portable lighting products.  Hand lamps, string lights, floor stands, cart mounted, magnet base mounted, scaffold clamp mounted, cable mounted, and tripod mounted portable lighting products.  All of these products have a specific application.  All now have be assembled in compliance to UL844-P4 and UL153 portable use standards.  Boss is a UL Certified portable lighting and electrical power distribution assembler.  We have the UL professional validations to modify our products to meet the operating environmental conditions and the portable safety requirements set forth by the NEC/OHSA/UL code of procedures and standards.